The Green Box

 Sound examples (mp3):

  pitched rooster
  vibrato cat
  pitchbend cow
  "Deranged Barn Stomp"
    Those animals are sick! (and not very musically gifted either)
Multitrack recording made with only The Green Box. Edited with stereopanning, fading and some EQ and reverb.

The Green Box

This is my first recased circuitbend instrument. Originally it was an oval "Animal Sounds" toy, with eight animals that sat in wells and popped up, when you played the keyboard. Mechanically the keyboard was so lousy, that it was unusable. Instead I recased the circuitboard in a project case from a long abandoned "electronic drumkit". Besides the animal sounds the toy also had a boring organ sound that I didn't implement.

(Click the picture to toggle between the unbent Animal Sounds toy and The Green Box)

Circuit bends:

Pitch/speed control: A pitchcontrolling resitor has been replaced with a potentiometer. Variable over a very large range.

LDR pitch bend: A lightdependent resistor (LDR) is placed under the red dome of an old controlboard lamp-cover. Switchable on or off by the three position switch that is also the on/off switch.

Pushbuttons: The eight pushbuttons activates the animal sounds. They are placed in a pattern that (at laest theoretically) should suit a playingstyle, where the right hands thumb works the pitch/speed dial, and the buttons are played with the other four fingers.

LFO. A squarewave oscillator based on a NE555 IC that modulates pitch/speed. Fitted with an on/off switch, two potentimeters for LFO speed and modulation depth, and a speed indicator LED.

Line out. A jack socket with a speaker/line-out select switch. The speaker is placed on the left side of the box.