Lydeksempler (mp3):

  "LFO multitrigger"



My idea with this variation of this circuit bending classic, is to make an instrument that is capable of making simple repeating rhythms, coupled with expressive performance controls to modulate the sound.

Each of the two independant LFOs is selectable as triggers for animal or motor sounds. Either of the two phases of a LFO cycle can used to trigger.

Pitch/speed modulation is implemented using LDRs, that are playable in quite expressive ways using your hands to shade or using different lightsources like LED bicycle lamps.

Circuit bends:

Pitch/speed potentiometers: controls pitch and speed (cpu clock speed), one for bus sounds one for animal sounds.

LDR pitchbend:
two LDRs, coupled in parrallel with the pots, alter pitch/speed, of the sounds.

LFOs: Two independant squarewave oscillators (based on one CD40106 hex Schmitt trigger). Each LFO can trigger the assigned sound with either the positive or the inverted negative phase of the squarewave. A red and a green led shows the current phase.

Sound select rotary switches: selects which sound from either animal og motor sounds will be triggered. The yellow switch selects motor sounds, the red animal sounds.

Trigger routing switches: The black toggle switches selects which LFO will trigger the sound selected by the sound selectors. The white toggle switches selects if the sound is triggered when the red or the green LED of that LFO is on. In the middle position multi-triggering is off.

Output select: three positions sliding switch with positions: internal speaker, off and line out.