Originally this was just an ordinary "Tinky Winky" Tele Tubby toy cellphone with a build in flashlight. But after undergoing som creative electronic brainsurgery it has now risen from the operationtable in the shape of FrankenTubby.

The electronic guts were a simple 'Black Blob' board, with no extra components to tamper with circuit-bendingwise. But I discovered that when the switch for the flashlight, on the left arm, was pushed to a certain point the sound got played very slowly, due to to low supply of electricity to the blob.


Pitch/speed: A suitable potentiometer was implanted, letting the choke-effect be controlled rather precisely. For fine tuning of the speed/pitch range of the headmounted potentiometer, a trimmer is placed inside FT's right arm. One day I might make it accessible from the outside.

LED-eyes: The potentiometer is placed where the flashlight used to be. As a compensation for the amputated flashlight FrankenTubby has got a pair of spooky green LED-eyes and,

Line out: as the finishing touch, a line-out jacksocket was mounted in the tubbys head.

The sound example is spliced from two recordings, made from line-out through a mixer. Afterwards it was slightly EQ'ed (bass boost) and normalized.

Sound example (MP3)