Little MAD PC Fun

Little MAD PC Fun

A V-Tech "Little Smart PC Fun" (speaking danish) – bended from 'Smart' to 'MAD', and from 'educational toy' to 'creative sound source'.

Circuit bends

Skip: the Skip-button make short skips ahead in the program when playing some of the games. (like using the arrow key but more unpredictable)

Holding down the Glitch-button mostly makes "fast forward on a taperecorder"-style glitching. Pressing it briefly can trigger long unstopable streams of words and sounds; sometimes looping other times just freaking out. Electrodadaistic automatic poetry at the push of a button!

Sound examples (mp3):

"Fast Forward" glitching
Unedited Automatic Poetry
"ØverstNederstVenstreHøjre" (

( "TopBottomLeftRight")


Montage composition made entirely with sounds from Little MAD PC Fun.