– to this little showroom in cyberspace.

is created and run by yours truly, Ulf Johannesson, as a sort of personal virtual art gallery, a showroom where I can present a selection of my creative achievements, for anyone who may take a fancy to visiting it.

On these pages I display some of my paintings and other pictures, some poems and others texts, music and sound art and theres even a section devoted to my newest creative fancy – circuitbent instruments. My long term hope, though, is that johannesson.dk shall become a place where I can experiment with the computers many posibilities of interactively combining picture, words and sound.

Furthermore I'd like to try to lure any visitor who found this website interesting, also to visit my other website (a predecessor of this one) Wolfmans Island – A virtual island in the ocean of virtuality, and the home of my cyber alter ego – The Wolfman. A conceptual mixture of fiction and autobiography, with painting, drawing and poetry as well. The website is in english.

This website was opened june 2002.
More will come. I hope.

Ulf Johannesson