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 Sound examples (mp3):

  Spinheads Jam #1b
    Live Jam with The Spinheads Show. One-shot mono recording, treated with equalizing, compression/limiting and turned into pseudostereo in WaveLab. File size 2.3 MB.

The Spinhead Show

Made from four "DJ. Scribbles Spinheads" -figures that plays back sampled rhythm loops and six different sound effects (drums, guitarchords, shouts etc.) when the heads of the figures are tilted or twisted. The Spinheads Show features: Moxy (techno), Adel (house), Rya (reggae) and Troi (punk rock). Other figures exists.

The Spinheads have three different operating modes:

Demo Tilting the head starts two bars of rhythm loop and triggers a sound effect. Twisting the head triggers a sound effect and stops the rhythm if its playing.

Play – Tilting or twisting the head starts a longer rhythm loop and triggers a sound effect. Twisting the head increases or decreases the tempo of the rhythm and triggers sound effect.

Fx – Tilting or twisting the head triggers sound effects. No rhythm loop.

The figures have been mounted on a stage, that also houses a four channel mixer and the battery powersupply for spinheads and mixer.

Circuit bends:

Pitch/speed potentiometer. Controls the playback speed of samples. the range goes range from grinding slow and deep to really annoying fast and high pitched.

Pitch bend touch points. Upwards pitchbend /faster rhythm when btouching the two metal pins.

Mode switch. Switches between the three operation modes. Originally a slide switch under the base of the figure.

Stop/reset push button. Stops the playback and also resets the device if it locks up (something that happens now and then). Originally a button under the base of the figure.