Sound examples (mp3):

  "Dogcow demo1"
  "Dogcow - This Old Man"


Dogcow & Co.

An animal sounds toy featuring at trio of musical animals: a cat, a duck and a ... well, it looks like a cow, but it barks like a dog! And on the circuitboard is written 'dog' next to the switch, so I suppose it has to be a dogcow. And thats the reason for the name of the instrument.

The VOICE CHANGE button cyclically switches between four different modes: one where the noteshaped buttons plays notes with a piano sound, one where they play with animal sounds selected with the animal buttons, a third where each note button starts a melody and the voice can be changed with the animal buttons, and a fourth where each starts a melody that plays with changing animal voices and the animal buttons stops the song. The DEMO button seemingly does the same as the VOICE CHANGE button.

Circuit bends:

Pitch/speed: a potentiometer that alters the pitch/speed of the sounds and melodies. The range of change depends on the position of the slow/fast switch.

a toggle switch that changes the pitch/speed range between two ranges. Normal goes from slow and deep pitched, but still recogniceable sounds and melodies, to a high and fast chirping. Slow goes from very slow and growling deeps to a little slower/deeper than the slowest/deepest of the normal range.

Body contacts: bends pitch/speed higher/faster when both brass buttons are bridged with one or more fingers. Depht of effect varies with finger pressure as well as the moistness of the skin. A fair amount of distortion of the sound occurs as well, especially when playing through the line out. Distortion without pitch/speed change can be achieved by touching only the left body contact.

Output select: a three-position toggle switch that switches between speaker, no output and line out jack.