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  Jedi Stun Gun Demob

Jedi Stun Gun

Build form the salvaged parts of a broken light sabre toy, that I found in a trashcan outside a shopping mall. In the 'ray' of the toy was a long narrow circuit board with a lot of blue leds, but this as well as the clear tube containg it was broken beyond repair. Therefore I decided to do a recasing job, and used a small project box that had just enough room for all the needed parts, after trimming a few of the parts.

The toy made two sounds: one continous swooshing "light sabre sound" and a "crash" sound. Pushing the only button on the toy triggered the crash sound followed by the light sabre-sound that continued as long as the button was held. The crash sound was played again when the button was released. While the light sabre-sound was playing the crash soun could be triggere by tilt switch, when the toy was shaken hard or hit against something.

The Jedi Stun Gun is designed to be played using either hand alone, as well as with two hands.

Circuit bends:

Pitch potentiometer. Changes the clock speed of the cpu. With the pitch pot turned all the way down, the clockrate goes so low that no toy sounds are played, you only get noise bursts from touching the touch points. Turning it clockwise the pitch/speed goes from deep growling noise, past the original swooshing sound and ends in a highpitched vibrato sound.

Pitch bend touch points. Bridging the two touch point bends the pisth moderately upwrda, while at the same time adding distortion/noise. The effect is strongest at low pitch settings. Touching one of the points alone adds distortion/noise without pitchbend.

Momentary On pushbutton. Works as the button in the original toy, as described above.

On/Off switch. A latching switch with the same function as the Momentary On pushbutton

Crash Sound Momentary Button. Triggers the crash-sound, but only if the switch or the momentary button is engaged.

Tilt trigger enable switch. Switches on the tilt switch, letting a hard shake or hitting the box trigger the crash-sound.

Bright Blue LEDs. Turns on and off, each with a different delay, when a sound is playing, at a rate determined by the pitch/speed setting. Flickers ominously when you touch the touch points.

Output Jack. Line level 1/4'' jack output.