Crashio SA-21

Crashio SA-21

The SA-21 is a typical Casio Tone Bank keyboard from the last part of the 1980's, with a full serving of corny rhythms and 'super accompaniments' and a 100 different PCM sounds, of which a large part are more curious than musically usable. Half toy, half musical instrument when new. Real cool retro-kitch today.

A small value potentiometer mounted on the positive lead from the battery to the circuitbord enables you – with some delicate fine-trimming – to choke the power supply just enough to make the instrument function highly erratic without shutting it down. The results are unpredictable and exciting. Ranging from "chaos-in-the-orchestra-pit" and "run-amok-transitorradio" to endless drones or merely a short click and then silence. At rare occasions rhythms or demo-tunes can be brougt to repeatedly loop or glitch for a few beats before resuming.

One speaker can be switched to a alternative line-out, which is usefull since the glitching/crashing acts differently than when the build in line-out is used.

Sound example (mp3):

"Ghostly Crash"

Ghostly Crash is a recording of one single SA-21 crash. Afterwards edited with a fade out and the addition of compression, reverb and stereo-expansion.