Sound examples (mp3):

  "crackle and animals"


Ghost Train

A variation of the classical animaltrain toy. This one is able to play three sounds at the same time (one train sound and two animalsounds, one from each group of four animals). Sounds repeat when the button is held down, but they can't be restarted before they have played to end. Some versions of this toy comes with simpler electronics that lets only one sound be played at a time.

circuit bends

Pitch/speed control: each group of sounds (4x train sounds and 2 x 4 animalsounds) have been fitted with a pitch/speed control potentiometer

Body contacts: for each group of sounds two bodycontacts lest you make a touchsensitive downwards pitchbend. Bridging both contacts gives a deeper bend than touching only one of them.

Auto repeat: For the train sounds there is a simple autorepeat function, using a four way switch to select one of thes soundn and a toggle switch, that when in the 'on'påosition, keeps the sound going. (equal to keeping a button pressed)

Crackle: the crackle effect is a capacitor based bend, that turns the train sounds into an electronic crackling. It has an on/of switch and an intensity control. The crackle function has no effect when the playbackspeed of the animalsounds is very fast.