Resonans (2.2MB 128 kbps MP3)

This is an english translation of the poem Resonans, go to this page in danish to read the poem in danish, as heard in the recording.

birdssong from the cage behind
the eardrums splinters
windows with splashes of molten
spine - so stubborn again
burning wool rains
through the nerve fibres
tightened without previous
warning - so stubborn again
echoes of used up airspace
tumbles their mountains of
metal trash over every
escaperoute - so stubborn again
resonance drives its icepick
through sleepless flickering
thoughts - so stubborn again
the last synapses fight
in vain with entropys
ravage - so stubborn again
fragile hands push
at the gate closed in anger
behind - so stubborn again
the fuse wires burn over
sputtering a fraction of a
second - so stubborn again
black empowerment beams from
the skull once more trepanated
perfectly - so stubborn again
and again and again