Lydeksempler (mp3):



This is a Sanyo 'walkman' turned into an evil music-destrution machine with circuit bending. The reason the back side of the walkman is upwards, is that I originally wanted have a hole in the back cover, enabling me to touch the circuit board or brake the motor manually with a finger. This idea got dismissed, but still it's a practical design, making it easy, when holding the device in the left hand, to use the transportation buttons with the left thumb and manipulate the dials and switches with the right hand.

Circuit bends:

Speed potentiometer: Changes the speed of the tape transportation motor. The range of change goes from very slow to ca. double the normal speed.

Wobble speed switch: Wobble is cyclic modulation of the tape speed, and is caused by adding a capacitors in the circuit that controls the motor speed. The five-position rotary switch selects between four different capacitors, giving four different speeds, and an "off" setting with no capacitor.

Wobble Depth potentiometer: Controls the depth of the wobble effect. The possible depth of the wobble effect depends on the tape speed. (largest with slowest speed, minimal at max speed)

Boost: On/off switch that boosts/overdrives the amplifier of the unit. Output volume is boosted considerably.

Destruction/noise (on/off switch + 8 pos. rotary switch): Ads noisy distortion and buzzing or crackling noisetones. Used in combination with the booster it mostly gives extrely noisy, buzzing tones. If boost is off it adds distortion, and some noise, to the sound. The effect is sensitive to the output volume level, especially with boost off.

The resulting effect also differs according to boost being selected before or after destruction/noise, as well as the combination of changes on the tone selector and switchingon/off the two effects. In some combinations the effect endures in other it fades out after a short time. I suppose this is because the caps involved sometimes will be partially charged, other times not, when connected or disconnected.